BioSophia America LLC (BioSophia) is the manager of seed and early-stage venture capital funds primarily serving the United States. BioSophia provides private equity financing to high-growth companies and focus' on financial, business and security opportunities in the Real Estate, E-Waste Management (BioSophia Flyer), Communication, Food Services, Health Care, Transportation and Information Technology sectors.  The company has the capability to finance, develop product, manage business process (Manufacturing, Communications, Logistics, Property, Supply Chain, Security and Risk Assessment) and overcome obstacles associated with almost any business opportunity.
The founder of BioSophia America is Robert A. Rust who, along with his partners, has over a 60 year record of success and capability in identifying, financing, and assisting seed and early-stage entrepreneurial companies through a relationship based business that can help any company, idea or opportunity flourish.  Since our formation, our history has embodied the entrepreneurial spirit that continues to guide our investments and business planning. We are lead investors in over half of our investments and tend to take an active role in assisting our portfolio of companies. Our philosophy is to identify investment opportunities with high value, defensible positions in emerging or large markets that have the ability to create long-term shareholder value.
BioSophia prides itself in the ability to take floundering and unsuccessful businesses and manage them into successful businesses in a short period of time and brings a long history of investment success, a global network of affiliations and co-investors as well as patient capital to all of our portfolio companies.

BioSophia's Consulting Division, RAR Enterprises, Inc. (RAR), brings the ability to hire or contract the correct personnel for any type of project or business venture.  Together with RAR, BioSophia has coupled the success of proper Business Product Management with that of Integrated Change and Knowledge Management (ICKM) to shorten the life cycle of a product line from idea to market and decrease the sales cycle.
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The mission of BioSophia America is to finance, develop, manage and market  business opportunities in the American marketplace.